Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

I remember a time when every restaurant order of mine used to start with either sweet corn vegetable soup or tomato soup. From Mainland China to Saravana Bhavans to Sagars to roadside Indo-Chinese food stalls, this soup always had a warm spot in restaurant menus. So imagine my excitement when i found out that this can be easily made at home:) Its a super simple soup that can be prepared with a can of cream style corn and vegetables. The original recipe is from here. You can add a dash of soy sauce,vinegar and red chilli paste for additional flavor.


1 can sweet corn( cream style)

1/2 cup boiled sweet corn

5 cups water

8 french beans finely chopped

1 carrot finely chopped

1/2 cup cabbage finely chopped


1/2 teaspoon white pepper or black pepper powder

1 tablespoon corn starch or 2 tablespoons corn flour mixed in 2 tablespoons of water

3 tablespoons scallions/spring onion greens for garnish


1. In a non stick saucepan take water and canned corn and mix well.

2. Add the rest of the vegetables and cook on medium flame for 10 minutes.

3. Add salt and white or black pepper, mix well and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

4. Add corn starch or corn flour mixed in water and continue to stir until the soup thickens.

5. If soup has’nt reached your desired consistency, add another spoon of corn starch or flour and stir well.

5. Garnish with chopped scallions/spring onions.


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