Product Review: Trader Joe’s Mango and Cream Bars

I know summer is far away but if you want to get a taste of summer, crank up the heat in your house and  eat this 60 calorie bar from Trader Joe’s. It reminds me of mango duet ice cream available in the India. Mango duet has mango on the outside and vanilla on the inside while this bar has one third cream and two thirds mango ( as shown in the picture). The cream tastes divine and the mango portion tastes like mango lassi (Indian mango-yogurt drink).

The bars come individually wrapped and each bar has 9 grams of sugar. This bar is great when you crave for something sweet but don’t want to feel super guilty after eating a sugar loaded dessert. It is priced at $3.49 for a box of 8 bars. They have 2 others flavors as well, raspberry and cream and coffee latte and cream. I would love to see these bars on a stick so its more convenient to eat and also equal proportions of mango and cream. Overall another great product from Trader Joe’s.


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