Sri Krishna Sweets Style Mysore Pak ( Indian Fudge)

Happy Diwali to you all. Diwali, the festival of lights an important Indian festival celebrated by one and all  by lighting fireworks, wearing new clothes and eating sweets and savories. I thought the best way to share the festive joy is to share the recipe of the famous Sri Krishna sweets mysurpa. Sri Krishna sweets is a famous sweet shop in India now with branches in the States too. They reinvented the art of making mysore pak or mysurpa as they call it in the early 90s when they started expanding their branch network. Mysore pak as a sweet has been around for several decades and always has a special spot in South Indian weddings and festivals. When the smooth, creamy mysurpa was introduced at Krishna sweets, it increased the importance of mysorepak by several notches. Mysore pak was first made in the Mysore palace, Karnataka, India for a royal feast and hence the name.

Indian sweets usually have  a lot of sugar and ghee( clarified butter) and this sweet is a monster when it comes to gulping ghee and sugar. But as I always say, what’s life without an occasional indulgence right? I got the original recipe from here and it took me about 30 minutes to make this sweet from start to finish. For the given measurement, I got about 25 medium squares of mysore pak. I saved up 5 pieces for us and took the rest to a party on Sunday and everyone loved it. If you like traditional Indian sweets and are hesitant to try at home please try this recipe. You will call yourself a pro after attempting to make this:)


1 cup gram flour/besan

2.5 cups sugar

2.5 cups clarified butter/ghee

1/2 cup water


1. Take a pan and dry roast the gram flour for few minutes till a nice smell comes out. Keep it aside. Make sure not to burn the flour.

2. Add 1/4 cup of clarified butter/ghee to the dry roasted gram and mix well.

3. Take water and sugar in a pan and let it cook on medium heat. Let it come to a boil.

4. Take a drop of the sugar syrup and expand it between your index finger and thumb. If you get a single string, it has reached the correct consistency.

5. Slowly add the gram flour to the sugar syrup mixing continuously.

6. Continue to stir the flour/sugar syrup mixture.

7. Heat the remaining ghee and add it to the above.

8. The flour/sugar mixture will start absorbing ghee and it would come off from the sides of the pan.

9. At this stage, take a small pinch of the mixture and roll it into a ball. If it can be rolled into a ball, you have the right consistency.

10. Transfer the mixture into a greased pan and let it cool. Once completely cooled, cut them into squares and store them in an airtight container.


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