Product Review: Tasty Bite “Madras Lentils”

This week’s product for review is not from Trader Joe’s. I do shop at other places you know:) Yumjay is every sales person’s dream customer. He tasted this Madras lentils at Costco one afternoon and came back home with a big box of this. Watch this video, even Anderson Cooper is an impulsive shopper and likes his madras lentils from costco:) When I saw the picture on the box, it reminded me of dal makhani and I was thinking aloud that I should pair it with rice or nan. Yumjay immediately said “the lady who was giving out samples said we could eat it like a vegetarian chili” and then I thought that was a good idea. Spice it up with some jalapenos and sour cream and you have great vegetarian chili ready in 90 seconds.

The box we bought at Costco had 4 individual pouches each weighing 10 ounces and they were priced at $4.99 for a box of 4 pouches. That’s pretty good pricing considering the quantity and quality of the product. I was pleasantly surprised that the taste was almost close to what you can make at home or get at an Indian restaurant. Tasty bite has its roots in India and they offer 39 products in 4 categories and have various sauces, curries and even cooked rice in a pouch which may be useful while traveling. Their products come in a multi layer retort pouch and remain fresh for 18 months. Give this a try for a quick lunch at work or even dinner. At 300 calories a pouch and 90 seconds cooking time in microwave this is a great product. We bought ours at Costco but I am sure you can find this at other grocery stores too or you can order online at tasty bite website. Orders over $75 ship for free.


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