100th Post And A Lovely Surprise

Its been almost 4 months since I started eat, live, burp and it has become a part of me. I thought it would be cool to do 5 posts every week on the blog but wasn’t sure if I could keep up with that. Surprisingly I did but this is not the surprise in the title of this post. On Saturday night I had the biggest surprise of my life. Yumjay said we had a work party to attend on Saturday evening. So we got all ready to leave and after a minute of driving, he turned the car around and said there was some issue with the wheels. We pulled into our condo complex and i saw our friend SA and BML’s son N waiting at the Cabana entrance of our condo. He very innocently said “Pavithra aunty, my mom told me to wait here”:) I opened the door and all i could see was a dark room. The lights came on and I heard 16 adults and 13 kids shouting “SURPRISE”.


Yes, Yumjay had planned a surprise party with our dear friends for my 100th post on eat,live,burp. I was embarrassed because honestly it isn’t a big deal to reach this milestone and several people out there have done it successfully. But i must also admit that i enjoyed every bit of the evening. So thank you everyone.

100th post

And here’s the nicest part of the party, all my sweet friends had made food from my blog and brought it to the party. Yumjay and my dear friends, i cant thank you all enough for the 1st and the most beautiful surprise party of my life:). I cant believe i didn’t have a clue about this whole thing. Yumjay, you truly surprised me with your planning and coordination skills. You rock!!

100th post

SN and AR- Thank you for the awesome garbanzo beans sundal and vegetable puffs. Garbanzo beans sundal with green apple was S’s recipe to begin with, thank you for a hit recipe and thank you again for making it.100th post

NP and PP- Thank you for the chili garlic noodles. It tasted great. And P, no party of ours is complete without your photos. Thank you for bringing your prized possession(camera) and covering all the details of the party:)

SA and BML- Thanks for yummy macaroni upma, a big hit among adults and kids. Thank you for coming all the way with baby A in this weather 🙂

100th post

SP and SP- Special thanks for the cauliflower curry, you made it even though you don’t personally like the vegetable, that meant a lot to me:)

DJ and RH- Thanks for bringing dessert bites from favorite store Trader joe’s and for the tomato rice. I had the leftovers for lunch on Sunday. Burp!!

100th post

AR and SR- Thanks for bringing my “almost pad thai“. I am touched that you took the trouble of going to trader joe’s to buy fresh noodles to make this for the party. Thank you for the lovely decorations.

100th post

GR and TA- Thank you for the vegan mango bread. These two are the best “secret keepers” i have ever met. I was out with them on Saturday afternoon and they didn’t utter a word about evening plans:)

RR and Aunt K- I loved the vegan mango cake and i loved that you both came although Yumjay missed to email you. That really meant a lot to me. THANK YOU:)

100th post

Yumjay and Scooby- Scooby has been yelling “surprise” for the past one week every time i walked through the door. Now i know what that was all about:) Yumjay had dutifully arranged for plates, silverware, water and soda and stocked it up in the trunk of his car. I am still amazed at the way he planned this whole party without missing a detail. Thank you:)

A special thank you to the kids for cooperating with their parents while they planned and cooked for this party and more importantly for getting ready to come and “Surprise” me on time:) Overall it was a wonderful way to celebrate my 100th post and I thank you all for the support and encouragement.


15 thoughts on “100th Post And A Lovely Surprise

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  4. How awesome is that!! Kudos to yumjay for making this a special milestone for you and your lovely friends for making food from your recipes:). And no, it isnt very common to continue to blog every day with a new recipe and that too tried and tested!! 100 is a big deal and worth celebrating!!
    Congratulations !!! You are like my husband says ‘ a foodie’s delight’ !!

  5. It was interesting to read about the 100th post celebration and the novelty of partying with mouth watering menu picked up from the blog posts prepared by your dear friends.Wonderful planning by yumjaj and congrats! Looking forward to bicentenary celebrations of “eat,live,burp”.Best wishes…Rohini

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