Product Review: Grand Sweets And Snacks Products On Amazon

For those of us from Chennai, India who are used to high quality south Indian snacks from Grand Sweets and Snacks this discovery by my friend SN would make us jump in joy. At least I did, when she told me that we could order pickles, thokku, different types of podis and savory snacks from grand sweets and snacks through There was a time when mothers and grand mothers used to make traditional Indian sweets and savory snacks at home. Grand sweets and snacks slowly changed that with their high quality, home made snacks which was so much more convenient than toiling hard in the hot Chennai kitchens.



The products are shipped and sold by KCI mart, which is a Kansas based Indian grocery store. The products are made and packed by Grand sweets, Chennai and KCI mart does the import and resale in the US. I ordered one packet each of special mixture ( literally means a mixture of various deep fried savory snacks), mullu thenguzhal ( savory, crunchy rice and lentil based crisps) and thattai (thin, crunchy rice and lentil based patties). The shipment arrived within 3 days of placing the order, well packed with adequate padding in an USPS priority mail shipping box.


Yumjay and I attacked the snacks as soon we got the package and we were super satisfied with the freshness, quality and taste of the products. Each of these products were priced at $4.99 for a 250 grams bag. A little pricey when compared to prices at the store in India, but totally worth paying the extra money to get the taste of Adyar in America.

Special Mixture

Special Mixture

There is individual shipping cost on each product and we paid about $7 for our order. Even if you have amazon prime membership, you will have to pay for shipping because the order is fulfilled by an external vendor. I guess combining orders with friends may help because shipping price is on the higher side and sometimes the cost of an item is the same as the cost of shipping, which doesn’t make it a deal even worth considering. I hope KCI mart will do something to lower the shipping costs. They sell only savory snacks and no sweets.



I ordered mullu thenguzhal but got a bag of plain thenguzhal instead. This was the only issue in the entire order so I didn’t bother to report and get it exchanged. There is another website which ships products from a variety of sweet shops in Chennai like Grand Sweets, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Shree Mithai and  Sri Krishna sweets . We went with KCI mart because Amazon is a trusted website. Thank you SN for the information and taking the trouble of ordering for both of us. So next time a craving for south Indian snacks hits, you know what to do.


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