Tuesday “Samaithu Paar” Series- Moong Dal Ladoo

Moong dal ladoos from Meenakshi Ammal’s “Cook and see” part 2 are rich in protein, therefore tell yourself you are eating a healthy dessert when you get a craving for sweets and just pop in one these sweet balls. I cut back on sugar and clarified butter given in the original recipe. I have also substituted chopped, silvered almonds for cashews because I didn’t have unsalted cashews at home. The dessert can be made in under 30 minutes  and you can even make the roasted flour/sugar mixture ahead of time and store it in the refrigerator for several weeks. Just add clarified butter and nuts and roll them into balls when you want to serve. Since the ladoos can be eaten at room temperature, it makes a great lunch box treat as well.

moong dal ladoo


1 cup moong dal

1/2 cup sugar ( original recipe has 1 cup sugar)

3 tablespoons ghee/clarified butter ( original recipe has 1/2 cup ghee)

10 unsalted cashew nuts, roughly chopped ( I used silvered almonds)

1/2 teaspoon powdered cardamom


1. Dry roast the moong dal on medium flame until it turns golden brown and a nice aroma fills your kitchen. It takes about 7 to 10 minutes.

2. Once it cools, place the roasted dal in a food processor and grind it to a fine powder.

3.  Powder the sugar separately and mix it with the moong flour. Add powdered cardamom and mix well.

4.  Heat ghee in a pan, add cashews or almonds when hot and fry till it turns golden brown.

5. Add the nuts along with the ghee to the flour/sugar mixture and mix well using a spatula.

6. When the mixture is still warm, take a tablespoon of the mixture and roll into a ball. Add couple of teaspoons of melted clarified butter in case its difficult to roll the mixture into a ball.

7. Repeat the steps until all the mixture is used up. Store the ladoos in an air tight jar for up to a week at room temperature.


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