Eating Out: Forest Fairy Bakery

Forest Fairy Bakery


Address: 485 Front Street North, Suite D-1 Issaquah, WA 98027

Telephone: +1(425) 392-8588

Price: $ (average price is less than USD 10)

Cuisine type: Bakery

forest fairy

Forest fairy is an all- natural, family owned bakery which opened its doors to Issaquah residents in January 2013. For most locals, forest fairy isn’t a stranger because they have been present in farmers markets since 2004. Located on front street in the historic downtown of Issaquah, it is an all-natural, from scratch bakery which uses local, natural ingredients.

forest fairy

Linda Hayes, the owner and baker is a true local, born and raised in Issaquah and a graduate from Issaquah high school. She runs the place with her fairy helpers, her children, each of whom have their own fairy plaques painted and displayed in the store. The girls even wear fairy wings as part of their uniform, how cute is that?  The beautiful forest mural painted on one side of the bakery is a real eye-catcher.

forest fairy

The bakery is open from 5am to 6pm on most days and they are closed on Sundays. They have a big, open kitchen and you can see everything from kneading to baking to cooling as you stand at the cash register. As for the menu, they have all the usual suspects like cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, muffins, sweet breads and cookies. They also carry cheese based breads and  hand rolled breadsticks. When I was at the store, Linda brought out a tray of freshly baked hand rolled breadsticks and at $.50 a piece, they were fresh, crunchy and delicious. I also bought a big loaf of jalapeno bread for $6 which paired perfectly with a bowl of  asparagus soup we had for dinner that night. It was cheesy, spicy, tangy and definitely helped clear our sinuses.

forest fairy

They carry a variety of sweet breads like zucchini, zucchini with chocolate, sweet potato and banana  bread. A mini loaf is priced at $4 and I don’t remember seeing a large loaf on display. I bought a mini sweet potato loaf which was good enough to feed 2 people. It was super moist and tender almost like a sponge cake. A tad too sweet for my taste but totally worth trying. They have a mini version of almost everything, they call it the “fairy version” which is great for those watching their sugar and calorie intake. They carry breads without eggs but most of them have an egg wash. They can bake breads without eggs upon request.  The bakery sells “day-old” products at half their original price. While I didn’t buy any of them, the dinner rolls looked pretty fresh.


Forest fairy bakery certainly has a lot of potential.  If they could offer free Wi-Fi, decent seating, some vegan baked goodies and a good selection of coffee, they could give the nearby Issaquah coffee company a run for their money.  I suggested offering baking classes for kids and adults and pass on Linda’s baking expertise to the community and she welcomed the idea. I also mentioned that fruit and savory pies would be a nice addition to the menu, Linda said they had plans for that in summer. Issaquah has been in need of a good, local bakery and “the cake fairy” may have just granted this wish. So if you happen to be in the area and need a quick bite, make sure to stop at forest fairy and grab Linda’s popular cinnamon rolls and some C2 organic-roasted coffee.


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