Product Review: Barbara’s Multigrain Puffins Cereal

Barbara’s multigrain puffins is a gluten free cereal made with pure oats. It has no preservatives and artificial flavors. Barbara’s all natural products have been around since 1971 and  puffins cereal come in original, multigrain, peanut butter, peanut butter and chocolate, cocoa puffs, fruit puffs, honey rice and cinnamon flavors.  The multigrain cereal contains oat flour but it has been verified to contain less than 20ppm gluten, therefore certified as a gluten free product. A long time employee of the company was very fond of the puffin seabirds and decided to name the cereal after the bird.


I tried the cinnamon puffins few months ago and I really liked them. I used to top my Greek yogurt with puffins for a nice crunch. Since the protein content in these puffins is only 2 grams, it doesn’t fill you up much and you feel hungry within couple of hours. So it paired well with my yogurt for a wholesome breakfast. Recently I picked up a box of multigrain puffins from Trader Joe’s and the first thought that came to my mind was wow! finally a cereal that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The little pillows of multigrain cereal are crunchy, subtly sweet and delicious.They don’t get soggy when soaked in milk and retain some of their crunch.  It can be a great snack too. You can even make an awesome trail mix with these little pillows of goodness by adding some nuts and dried berries. Each serving which is 3/4 cup has about 110calories and 6 grams of sugar. It is really addictive and hard to stop with just one serving. A 13oz box costs $3.29 at Trader Joe’s and they can be found in the cereal aisle of the store. You can also find them at most local grocery stores.


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