Restaurant Review: Chaat N Roll Indian Fast Food

Chaat n Roll Indian Fast Food


Address: 15117 NE 24th St,Redmond WA 98052

Telephone: +1( 425) 818-0942

Price: $ (Average price is less than USD 10)

Cuisine type: Vegetarian Indian street food, Indo- Chinese fast food


Chaat n Roll is Redmond’s newest Indian Chaat (street food/snack) place. Ever since they catered to a festival at a local temple couple of months ago, there have been big expectations about this place. They finally opened on last Friday. It is located in a strip mall along side Arby’s and Regent bakery. On another note, if you haven’t tasted Regent’s fruit cake, stop reading this and go right now!


The ambience is so similar to fast food places in India right from the music to not acknowledging guests who walk in. I expected a little enthusiasm given that it was only their second day. There are about 4 tables and a few bar stools to seat customers. It’s more of a self serve/ take out place than a sit down place. There was one person at the cash counter to take orders and one other person inside the kitchen. The tables were not clean and we sat at a table with crumbs left behind by people who sat there before us. While it is polite to clean after oneself in fast food places, it would be nice if the establishment paid more attention to messy tables.


I was happy that food was served in sturdy paper plates compared to other chaat places in the area which serve in poor quality foam plates which wilt under the weight of the food. They have a pretty impressive menu ranging from usual pani poori, bhel poori, dahi poori to hard to find kachori chaat, dhokla sandwich and khati rolls. They also have an Indo-Chinese menu with cauliflower manchurian, vegetable Manchurian, noodles and fried rice. We went there tempted by the falooda and matka kulfi pictures on their facebook page thinking its the best way to beat the unusual 80F heat in Seattle. But we were in for a disappointment. They didn’t have both.


They didn’t have majority of the items on their menu including tea which was quite disappointing. We ordered paneer tikka khati rolls, gobi manchurian( for lack of nothing better available), chikoo fruit milkshake and masala coke.The khati rolls were a little greasy but tasted good. Gobi Manchurian was palatable. Chikoo milkshake was divine with the right amount of sweetness and it was creamy and yummy. I am definitely going back for the milkshake. Yumjay had nothing good to say about his masala coke. The lines were quite long and there was a 20minute wait for the order to be served. So it is anything but a fast food place.


Overall I would recommend the place to anyone who likes Indian chaat. These guys are definitely better than the rest in the area in terms of authentic taste and flavor. But be prepared for long waits. Given their strategic location close to Microsoft and the anticipation they have created among the local Indian population, they have to scale up in terms of staff, service and cleanliness of the place. Hopefully things will get better in the days to come.

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3 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Chaat N Roll Indian Fast Food

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  2. agree! we chked it out this weekend and they’ve trimmed down their menu, and have some help for cleaning tables, so that was good to see. but the wait was 45 minutes on a sunday evening and they’d run out of their signature matka kulfi. so there is still room for improvement there but good to see them addressing feedback
    +1 for chikoo milkshake and dahi puri, tasted perfect.
    more of a snack place than dinner, none of the items were filling, still worth a stop 🙂

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