Product Review: Trader Joe’s Blueberry And Pomegranate Green Tea

When I read about pure green tea brewed from water and green tea leaves, natural pomegranate and blueberry flavor on the ingredient list of this bottled tea in Trader Joe’s fearless flyer, I knew I had to try it. Other than 10mg of sodium and 30mg of Vitamin C, everything else in the nutrition facts column was zero. How often do you come across a beverage like that? Well, there are the diet drinks but that’s a whole different story. Most bottled teas are loaded with sugar and you almost feel like you are downing a  glasss of the sugary drink they give you at a doctor’s office before testing your blood-glucose levels.

green tea

Everything about this product is great, except that bottled teas almost have no antioxidants, which defeats the purpose of drinking tea. So to get the most out of your tea, brew a big batch of green tea in the morning and let it steep along with some berries for added flavor. But this could be a great alternative to other sweetened bottled teas. The fruit infusion is not for the sweetness, just for flavor. So its a little tangy with a hint of sweetness. It requires a bit of an acquired taste to like this drink especially if you are used to the sugary counterparts in the market. Priced at $1.49 for a 1litre bottle, it can be found in the beverages aisle of the store.


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