Eating Out: Bakery Nouveau

Bakery Nouveau


Address: 1435 East John Court Suite 137, Seattle, WA 98112

Telephone: +1 (206) 858-6957

Price: $ (average price of entrée is less than USD 10)

Cuisine type: Bakery and Cafe


Call us crazy, but we don’t mind the 30 mile drive from east side of Seattle for a good croissant and an espresso. Bakery Nouveau offers just what we need. Their croissants are the best in town but be prepared for the long lines. Bakery Nouveau which started pampering Seattleites with their rich pastries and desserts in 2008, recently opened their second location in Capitol Hill, Seattle close to Group Health. In terms of location, it cant be more perfect. There’s a beautiful park opposite the bakery which is the go-to place for most customers on a beautiful day because of limited seating at the bakery. There’s plenty of road side parking and the smell of rich, buttery pastries will drag you into this place. You definitely don’t need a GPS, just follow your nose.


We went there on a busy Saturday morning. Yumjay’s friend had warned us about the long lines, therefore we weren’t surprised when we saw the line out the door and about 20 deep. It was quite fast moving though and within 10 minutes we were inside the bakery drooling at all the delectable pastries, cakes and macaroons in the display case. We went on a croissant spree and ordered a butter croissant which came with small tubs of jam and butter, a dried cherry and pistachio butter croissant, a twice-baked chocolate croissant, a twice-baked almond croissant and a ham-cheese croissant for Yumjay. The twice baked croissants are a Bakery Nouveau specialty and a must try. The biggest highlight for me was the cherry croissant with pistachio butter. It was nothing short of brilliant. Every layer was warm, flaky, buttery slathered with slightly salty pistachio butter and tangy, sweet cherries. I nearly died, went to heaven and came back. There was a time when I used to laugh at the idea of pastries for breakfast, but now i’d do it, only if its from Bakery Nouveau.


They have very imaginable variety of fruit tarts, sweet and savory croissants including several vegetarian savory options, cakes and quiches. They also have a case displaying dangerously delicious chocolates. The kitchen is behind the café and through two partially opened curtains, you can get a glimpse of what’s going on. When I was waiting in line, I saw one of the bakers slather butter on dough and despite seeing the amount of butter used, I ordered a croissant. That’s the magic of this place. They have a variety of French sandwiches for lunch, so if you can’t make it for breakfast, you can still go for lunch.


The service is fast and friendly. The girls who worked there were quite chatty and despite the long lines and crazy morning, they were very courteous. I really hope that they would open a branch on the east side of Seattle soon. True to its name, there’s nothing really comparable to what this place has got to offer in all of Seattle.
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