Eating Out: Serious Biscuit

Serious Biscuit


Address: 401 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Telephone: +1((206) 436-0050

Price: $ (average price of entree is less than USD 10)

Cuisine type: American, Bakery

photo 1

Tom Douglas and his appetite for opening new restaurants is nothing new for Seattleites. What is amazing is that this man means definitely means serious business. I am truly in awe of the good food and service his restaurants offer.  Located in South Lake union neighborhood of Seattle, Serious Biscuit serves the best biscuits in town. They serve a weekend brunch with their regular menu plus wood- fired skillet baked eggs upstairs in Serious Pie. The wait for the brunch on a Sunday morning around 10 am was 45 minutes, so we settled for the biscuits downstairs.

photo 2

I ordered a soup and biscuit combo and added a side of fried egg and collard greens with smoked onions to my biscuit. The soup was bursting with fresh vegetables, it had corn, kidney beans and basil with Prosser farm fresh red peppers and tomatoes in a vegetable broth seasoned with garlic powder and cilantro. The portion was huge as you can tell from the picture.

photo 4

The biscuit was definitely the highlight of my meal. It was moist and flaky like a perfect biscuit should be. The collard greens were a little sweet and the smoky onions perfectly complemented it. The fried egg was fresh and delicious. They served a side of remoulade with the corn and green onion hush puppies which i used for my biscuit and i died, went to heaven and came back.


The corn and green onion hush puppies were a huge disappointment. While the exterior was crunchy and delicious, the insides definitely lacked flavor and tasted of corn meal, which was a big put off for me. They served the puppies on a bed of cabbage slaw tossed in a peppery vinaigrette and that was delicious. Yumjay ordered a fried chicken biscuit with  tabasco black pepper gravy and he licked his plate clean.

photo 5

They serve cocktails and non alcoholic beverages including freshly brewed Starbucks coffee. They also have freshly baked bread, muffins, scones and cookies for a quick grab and go breakfast. The staff was super friendly. Those guys work like machines whipping out some delicious stuff all day long. If you know what you want, you can place a phone order and save time.


The place is noisy and perfect for people with kids. They don’t have proper seating downstairs in serious biscuit, about 9 two-top tables, a 5-spot counter, and four sidewalk tables and its a self-serve café. Parking can be a bit of a challenge on a busy weekend morning. There is a paid parking garage located next to the cafe and they accept only cash. Plenty of metered parking is available on the streets around the cafe.  Seriously guys, if you are in Seattle, check these guys out. They are outrageously good.

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