Eat, Live, Burp(ELB) was nominated by food bloggers for various awards last year. I really appreciate the nomination and apologize for the delayed acknowledgement. Here’s a list of awards and my nominations for the various awards. The general rules for the awards are:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and a link back.

3. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for each award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.


The lovely Priya of Sugarfreesweetheart has nominated ELB for the “WordPress Family Award”. Priya blogs about diabetic friendly recipes and some of you may remember her delicious vegan carrot halwa that she guest posted on ELB few weeks ago. This is an award for blogs in the WordPress family and Priya has made it extra special by adding customized banners in her nominations, thank you Priya! Here are my nominations:

1. Ourlifeinfood– A beautiful blog about 2 guys and a girl and what they eat. They have some great stories and recipes to share.

2. Veggiezest– A must read blog for anyone who loves vegetarian food. A great collection of vegetarian recipes from around the world with an Indian twist.

3. Justhomemade– Radhika’s reasons for food blogging are very similar to mine, i love her homemade vegetarian recipes and the beautiful photos and props.

4. Adashofcinema– An interesting blog about movies and food.

5. Chefdehome–  Whether you are looking to learn basic cooking or cook for a crowd, this blog has everything covered. I love the versatility of this blog.


Susan from watchhatchfly has nominated ELB for the “Liebster Award”. Liebster award is given to new bloggers to welcome them to the blogosphere. Susan has a lifestyle blog that also features vegan food recipes. She has some amazing sandwich recipes and if you are a mushroom lover, you must check her creamy mushroom Smörgås recipe right now. Here are my nominations for the award.

1. Simplyvegetarian777– Sonal’s motto is “cook light, eat right and have fun in life”. She whips up some delicious, healthy recipes everyday on her beautiful blog.

2. Savoryandsweetfood– Sadia creates mouth-watering middle eastern recipes on her blog, i am a huge fan of her dessert recipes.

3. Ayummygreenworld–  Divya’s love for food is evident in her beautiful blog which has some delectable sweet and savory treats.

4. Soilandcellar– If you want to know a thing or two about canning and food preservation, this is the blog to follow. Cynthia makes delicious jams, jellies and pickles and has a very touching story to share on her beautiful blog.

5. Shamssblog– An Indian food blog with simple, easy to follow recipes.


My blogger friend Catherine from Vegcharlotte has nominated ELB for the “sunshine award”. This award is given to blogs that positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. I feel honored to receive this award especially coming from a blogger like Catherine, who’s blog is a big source of inspiration for several people, including me.

1. Foodbod– Elaine has an inspiring story and plenty of delicious Lebanese recipes to share in her lovely blog.

2. Tinykitchenstories– A beautiful blog with a variety of recipes proving that space doesn’t matter to create magic in your kitchen.

3. Strawberrylentils– A blog with detailed, step-by step pictures for delicious Indian food. And i love the chalkboard theme on the blog.

4. Thatwasvegan– Barb loves creating delicious vegan food and her recipes will make any omnivore convert.

5. Invegetablewetrust– This blog is a goldmine for vegan recipes, Alexander can both cook and bake..isn’t that awesome?

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Jamie from Girleatsgreens has presented ELB with 2013 Blog of the Year award. Jamie’s blog is full of interesting stuff, with a wide range of topics from personal stories to recipes to travelogues. Thank you Jamie for this beautiful award, you really made my year!

1. Thevegan8– Brandi is not a stranger to ELB readers, remember her delicious Vegan Mocha Ice cream? She totally deserves this award for creating amazing vegan dishes and desserts with just 8 ingredients.

2. Honkifyouarevegan– Celeste has an interesting story to share and plenty of vegan recipes. She is very generous with re-blogging recipes from other interesting blogs and sharing her favorites from various blogs.

3. Alotonyourplate– Jess posts budget-friendly tips on  recipes and activities, crafts and entertaining in her blog to help make family life simple, organized, and elegant.

4. Adventureincroatia– Elisa shares great Italian recipes and stories about her adventures in Croatia.

5. Poppyspatisserie– Poppy has three major passions; animals; world development/poverty, equality with a special interest in street children; and food/cooking/veganism. She shares her passion for vegan food through her blog. I am a huge fan of her baking and DIY creations.



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