Seattle Home-Based Indian Food Caterers And Bakers

I know of several talented neighbors, friends and acquaintances who make authentic south and north Indian food and cater on a daily basis or for parties on the east side of Seattle. Some of them even bake custom cakes both egg-based and egg-free for birthday parties and special occasions. I wanted to compile a list of such home-based caterers and bakers to benefit all my Seattle and east side readers. My friend AR generously sent me a list of people she knew in the Redmond area and i managed to get the rest. This is definitely not an exhaustive list, if you know of someone that i may have missed , please leave their information in the comment section of this post and i will update it.


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Telephone: +1 425-949-1673


Cuisine type: Vegan/ Vegetarian- north and south Indian.

Malathi provides food on daily-basis and for parties. My friends rave about her home made rotis and i am a big fan of her Pongal, a south Indian porridge made with rice and lentils.

Update-September 2014: Malathi is temporarily not providing service due to an injury. Please email/call her to check when she will resume services

Sarita Malladi

Telephone: +425 260 4515


Cuisine type: Vegan/ Vegetarian/ Sattvic south Indian food, Weekend Breakfast, Idli/Dosa batter

Sarita volunteers at a local temple where i have tasted her excellent food on several occasions. She lives in Issaquah but she also offers food delivery service at Redmond on weekdays in the evenings.

Charu Venkat

Telephone: +1 425 369 1968


Cuisine type: Vegan/Vegetarian south/north Indian food, Indian sweets and savory snacks

Charu undertakes party and individual food orders. She provides food on every Sunday and you can order for a whole week or just for a day. She shares the menu via email on Thursdays and if you’d like to order a specific dish, you can add to the list of menu items. I personally like her south Indian curries, especially her ivy gourd and okra stir-fry. She also makes seer bakshanams and Indian sweets.

Ripu Mittal

Telephone:+1 425- 313-8979


Cuisine type: Vegetarian and meat-based north Indian food

Ripu caters to parties and i have tasted her food  few years ago. Her quantities are not very generous, therefore you may want to order extra, but this may have changed in the recent times.



Telephone: +1 425-894-8165 

Cuisine type: Vegetarian Jain and North Indian curries, parathas and rotis, Indian sweets

Rakhi provides food on a daily basis and for parties. AR’s friend had good things to say about Rakhi’s food.

Rajarani Cuisine

Tel: +1 425-200-6200



Cuisine type: Vegetarian north Indian

Rajarani provides lunch-box delivery service to offices in Bellevue-Redmond area. They deliver dinner to offices or homes on a daily basis. In addition to lunch and dinner, you can also order  boxes of curries to go and they do party orders as well. They publish their weekly online and you can place orders via email or phone.


Jaya Kulkarni

Telephone: +1425-898-8289


Cuisine type: Vegetarian and meat-based North Indian, Indo-Chinese, Indian sweets

Jaya undertakes daily, weekly and party orders.  She specializes in biryani, snacks and Indian sweets. She also caters to specific dietary requirements like vegan, gluten-free etc and provides organic food upon request.


Telephone:  +1 425-246-4973

Cuisine type: South Indian food, Indian sweets

Viswanathan caters traditional vegetarian south Indian food and sweets for parties. His “Jangiris“, a south Indian confectionery made with black gram flour and sugar are outstanding.

Lavanya Somisetty

 Tel: +1 425-653-1450 / 425-643-2875

Cuisine type: Vegetarian north and south Indian

Lavanya provides daily lunch box service delivery to Microsoft campus and undertakes party orders.

Indian curries to go

Telephone: +1 425-216-9270 / 425-285-9049


Cuisine type: vegetarian and meat-based south and north Indian food

Indian curries to go provide food on a daily-basis and undertake party orders as well.

Cakes Unlimited

Telephone: +1 (425) 298-7131


Cuisine type: Cakes

Meenal Mehta bakes cakes and cupcakes for birthdays and other special occasions. Her facebook fans have great things to say about the cake designs and taste.


Madras Masala Catering

Telephone: +1 (425) 318-9406


Cuisine type: Vegetarian and meat-based south Indian food

Shobana is a dear friend and a very talented cook. She is not a stranger to Eat, Live, Burp readers, she shared her  lentil rice and egg roast recipe with us few months ago. She is open to both daily and party orders and posts menu on her facebook page.

Hot Oven Cakes



Cuisine type: custom cakes

Hot oven cakes makes custom cakes with or without eggs and requires at least 2 weeks notice for orders.

Gujarati Rotli

Telephone: +1 425 223-7415

Cuisine type: Vegetarian north Indian food/ Cakes

Veena provides vegetarian food on a daily basis and for parties. She also makes custom cakes for parties.


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  1. Hello, I just found out that Jaya Kulkarni does not take daily orders anymore. And Lavanya Somisetty is not in service either. Could you please update your blog? Thank you!

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