Eating Out- Silence-Heart-Nest



Address: 3508 Fremont Place N, Seattle, WA 98103

Telephone: +1(206) 633-5169

Price: $ (Less than USD 10)

Cuisine type: Vegetarian/Vegan breakfast/brunch

silence heart nest

I was quite intrigued by the name when I read about this place somewhere. Turns out this is a spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy inspired restaurant and they have been in business for about 19 years, 9 of which is in their current Fremont location. We went for brunch on a Sunday with some friends and I was quite surprised by the long line outside(never seen such lines for a vegetarian place). Despite the long lines, we got our table within 10 minutes and a sari-clad waitress came to offer us water and take our order.

carrot ginger juice

I ordered an apple-ginger-carrot juice and my friends ordered carrot and kale juice. Yumjay settled for organic café Vita coffee which he said was very good. My apple ginger carrot juice arrived within 5minutes and it was absolutely divine. Judging by how fast it arrived, I doubt it was freshly made. Anyway it tasted great. I looked at the menu and was quite surprised by the number of egg-based items given that this was a guru-inspired place.Indian gurus are generally not big advocates of eggs which is said to cause hyperactivity and therefore not favorable for inner peace and meditation.

silence heart

They were willing to veganize many dishes and have a few vegan choices on the menu, so I settled for the seasonal tofu scramble with marinated vegetables which came with a huge side of seasoned potatoes and a slice of multigrain toast. The tofu scramble was delicious and the marinated seasonable vegetables which included asparagus was a delightful change. My plate was dominated by potatoes and it almost looked like potatoes were the main dish and the tofu scramble was a side which was a bit disappointing.

silence heart

Yumjay loved his huevos rancheros which also came with a pile of seasoned potatoes, 2 eggs on warm corn tortillas, black beans, home made salsa, sour cream, cheese and avocado. Our friends ordered eggs benedict and waffles which came with a side of eggs, soy bacon and of course potatoes. They gave a double thumbs down for the soy bacon which apparently was very salty and rubbery. They loved the eggs benedict smothered in hollandaise sauce.


I noticed many people ordering sweet potato biscuits with gravy, which is what I would probably get if I were to go here again. The place is very kid friendly and they offer a variety of toys to play with which is a welcome change than just coloring sheets and crayons. Parking can be a hassle if you go late, we found a spot to park on the street at 10am on a Sunday after driving around for 10 minutes. Service was very slow, the drinks came on time and I had to walk over to the waitress and remind her that we placed our order 25 minute ago. All she had to say was they were  busy and that they will bring the food over as soon as possible.  Overall this place is a nice change from regular brunch spots but I don’t think we’d ever drive 12 miles to dine at this place, if we happen to be in the area, maybe yes.


P.S: Yumjay insisted that I give credit to his Nokia Lumia 925 for the pictures, my iPhone was out of battery charge and had to borrow his phone for the pictures:)


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