Restaurant Review: Apna Chaat House

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Address:  7500 120 St, Surrey, BC V3W 3M9, Canada

Telephone: +1 604-502-8081

Price: $ (average price of entrée is less than USD 10)

Cuisine Type: Indian street food, Indo-Chinese food


Our newest and exciting discovery on our recent trip to Vancouver was Apna Chaat House. Apna Chaat is truly a hidden gem among several  restaurants serving Indian street food in Surrey, BC. The wide spread menu magically transports you to Chowpatty beach in Mumbai. They have a huge menu filled with mouth-watering street food that you’d want to spend an entire day eating them all.


Crispy Semolina Puffs

The staff was extremely friendly and ready with recommendations when they knew this was our first visit to the restaurant. Located in a strip mall filled with Indian restaurants, apna chaat house truly makes its mark by serving the finest chaat in all of Surrey, BC.  If clean tables, friendly and courteous staff, prompt service and great food is your idea of a good place, this is definitely the place for you. The restrooms were clean , the place is kid friendly and has plenty of free parking.


Lemon Soda

From gol gappe (crispy semolina puffs filled with flavored water, chutney and potatoes) to vada pav ( toasted dinner rolls stuffed with potato fritters) apna chaat brings aamchi Mumbai to Canada. I liked the idea of standing and eating my gol gappe, getting refills as and when I finished just like the way I’d do in India. The puris were fresh and the chutney had the right amount of spices. They have a 4 and 6 puri option, we opted for the latter and it was quite filling.


Gol Gappa

I ordered a paneer tikka kati roll which is a popular street food of Kolkatta. Kati roll is a flat bread stuffed with  thin layer of eggs and marinated Indian cottage cheese. The parata tasted very authentic and was thin and flaky compared to some places in Seattle which serve paneer tikka rolled in a tortilla or roti/chapathi. The spices hit the right spot leaving me craving for more. Yumjay had a chicken kati roll and I could tell by his silence that he was in heaven.


Paneer Tikka Kati Roll

Vada pav was blissful with the spicy garlic chutney smeared liberally on the bun. We ordered a lemon soda to share and it was so good, that we ended up ordering one more. They also have an Indo-Chinese menu and we couldn’t leave the place without ordering a plate of Szechuan fried rice to-go. The rice was perfectly cooked, the veggies had a nice crunch but the sauce was a bit sweet for me.


Vada Pav

The owner, originally from Mumbai mentioned that he has plans to open a branch in Redmond, WA by the end of this year. This place is a dream come true for any Indian street food lover. It is definitely worth the extra few miles of drive from the border into Surrey for this incredible food.


Vegetable Szechuan Fried Rice